1. R

    New member in N.E. Hampshire, UK

    Hi all, I'm looking to pick your brains from time to time in order to keep my 2010, E250 W212 Saloon on the road. I would also like to bring to your attention the LandSail brand of tyre that I had fitted in January was so bad in the wet it nearly caused a number of accidents as the car's grip...
  2. B

    A novice novel introduction...

    Hi all, The story so far, I have had my Mercedes C180 W203 for just under a year. A replacement for my ford Ka. I found one which I liked and could afford. I had never worked on a car before, not even a bulb change and knew I was to learn a lot as everything was my first time doing it...
  3. Haden

    Hello from Haden

    Hello This is my first dalliance in the world of forums, so please be kind. Just by way of an introduction, we are Haden Birmingham. We are an Independent Mercedes Specialist. Relax, we are here to sell anything to you. We just love all things Mercedes-Benz, and through promoting our...
  4. T

    My car and I

    I have a 1972 350 SL. Drives like a pig and is low spec finish (vinyl, no wood, manual windows, one wing mirror etc.) Intending to do some improving work, time and cash permitting. Had it for 22 years and just gone through 100k miles from new.
  5. F

    Ahoy hoy

    Hullo all, Since there doesn't seem to be a place for 'new guy introductions', I thought I'd bore you all to death with my life story in a bespoke thread. I'm Matt, 25, living in Devon and I collect my W208 CLK230K cabriolet (henceforth, to save valuable time, to be known as 'the car') in...

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