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    The reliability of the A180 2015

    hi guys, I am looking to buy a: Mercedes A180, Manual, 2015, Diesel, 66,112 miles. I am wondering about the reliability of these models for that year. In a article:, the 2015 models are known for camshaft failures...
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    Merc clc180 issues

    I have a 2010 mercedes clc180 kompressor. These are the Symptoms. Lack of power, kompressor not working, increased fuel usage. (Its like its in limp mode) no EML on dash So far have had vacuum leak tested, fitted new genuine maf sensor. Has been on icarsoft mb2 diag machine and brought up...
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    Fuel flap issues help!!!

    Newbie post I’ve had issues with my fuel flap, I can be driving along and it’ll randomly open, I pull over close the flap, get back in the car and it will open again! Last week I went to fuel up and I couldn’t actually open the flap. Feel like the car is mugging me off haha! I’ve contacted...
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    Which E class

    Hi everybody! Hopefully somebody can give me some good ideas what to do here; I'm purchasing a car and parented by a mechanic a Mercedes is the only option. Things narrowed to a diesel E class 2009. to 2014. I have literally seen every single one of the E classes in a 0 to 6500 pounds price...
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    SL500 Buying Advice

    Happy Friday everyone! New joiner, long time SL lover - I was hoping to get some advice from all you very well informed folk. I'm in the market for late 2003 SL500 (7 speed gearbox) with a budget of under £12k. I have to be honest I have fallen in love with this car and my judgement is a...

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