knocking noise

  1. Dean Fletcher

    Slight knocking noise

    Hi, I recently had a Mot and the front right wheel had a little movement so FAILED. I had the front right suspension arm replaced at £230 quid. Which has sorted the moving but now every time I turn the wheel right maybe half to full lock at say minus 10mph I hear little knocking sounds. I don't...
  2. R

    ML Steering Knock

    I have recently purchased a 2010 ML300 CDI. Lovely car and all that but I have a strange knock on the steering felt thought the wheel. It doesn't happen all the time, always at low speed and generally with changes in camber back and forth or short sharp changes in direction one way to the other...
  3. N

    C-Class (W203) knocking suspension?

    I have recently acquired a Sports Coupe C class from 2002 and the Front drivers wheel is knocking when going over a bump in the road. I'm going to guess this could be a common problem at a car with over 100k on it. Does anyone know if this is often just a bush that needs replacing and also if...
  4. D

    Clk 320 cab, underbody noise.

    Hi folks, I've got a weird knocking noise coming from under the car (passenger side front) as I turn left onto an incline..... Any suggestions As to the cause, I was told it could be a lower ball joint? Ps I'm definitely NOT going to a MD for this one, the last time they tried to fleece me...
  5. cozmo1589

    Vibration Noise ML 270 Cdi

    Hi, i have a 2002 50k mile ML. Have noticed recently a noise in the back. I can only describe it as an ill fitting door lock vibrating while the vehicle is in motion or loose luggage compartment pull out cover? I have removed all bits n bobs from the two storage compartments in the tail gate...
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