1. Aedmer

    W204 c220 cdi - front left leak

    Hi all, would really appreciate any help on this. Had a pretty large pool of what looks like oil show up under front left, behind wheel. Looks to be from axle. Got steam cleaned and raised at a garage and they were adamant - no oil leak. FF a month, same story again. Oil level is still fine...
  2. S

    Front Convertible Leaking Roof SL55.

    When you find a good thing its worth sharing... I have 2005 SL55, with all the niggles It has been one of my favourite cars. For any of you suffering with a leaking roof onto the drivers chairs (Knees) this is what I use... I think the addition of Krytech softens the rubber seal. You don't...
  3. N

    I need a bit of help friends. :(

    Hi. Yesterday while I was taking care of the sunroof I was putting synthetic teflon grease TC2 on sunroof tracks for about 30 minutes. The radiator cooler doesn't start because there's an old problem. I was keeping on eye the water temperature on dashboard, was around 80 celsius, not more...
  4. J

    How to fix an MB top Box?

    All, I have just bought a used MB roof box (see the pictures) I obviously need to fit to my roof bars (not an MB) The fixings supplied are two sets of one foot long steel straps with threaded studs at each end. What is missing to fit these to roof bars which run across the car?
  5. S

    w126 300SE gearbox leaking and oil level

    hello all, I had a post about few weeks about small leaking from my gearbox, I have just checked the gearbox oil when the engine is off and level is okay, but when I trun on engine the level is way below the limit. I think so we need to check gearbox oil when engine is running, am I right. Do...
  6. P

    Slk water leak into cockpit

    My 1998 SLK has started to leak water from between the driver's window and the roof close to the point where the leading edge of the roof joins the screen rail. I believe there is an adjustment for this. Can anyone help please?
  7. T

    The oil cooler of doom (1992 W124 300TE 24).

    Hi folks! It's me again. There's an oil cooler living (or rather dying!) in front of the near side front wheel of my old 300TE 24, tucked in behind the front bumper. It's leaking quite badly. Has anyone got any tips or advice on how to replace this item? Are there any gotchas...
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