1. M

    Legal Rights - Small Claims Court?

    I suppose this isn't necessarily a Mercedes issue, more a dealership issue, but given my car is a Mercedes I thought I'd post my story and ask opinion/advice, prior to any next moves. There's a long story here attributed to the purchase and ownership of my CL600 since its purchase in November...
  2. robertjrt

    General Civil Restraint Order

    Dear Readers, Last Thursday a bundle of documents from Mercedes-Benz's solicitors landed on my mat:( It would seem that my letter to the new Managing Director has fallen on deaf ears! The documents contain the usual number of incorrect statements, conjectures and inconsitences as in all...
  3. robertjrt

    County Court

    Dear Readers, I was unsuccessful today with my three Claims against Mercedes-Benz, one was "struck out" as I had not sent in the documents requires under an Order, the other two were an "abuse of the Legal process" and as a consolation prize I have a £5,700 Cost bill to pay. Ahh well, I...

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