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    1972 220d limo,Help?

    hi i recently got a 220 d limo 1972 as i was driving it home the big end went. one garage told me to go and get it reground costing around £600-£750 and others have told me i might aswel put a recon engine into it. im not sure which to do and also dont know where to even start looking for...
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    [Wanted] Wanted merc sprinter limo

    Hiya,Im New To This,Iam After A Sprinter Type Van,Think There Called Limo,Looks Like Bigger Then Normal Sprinter,With Glass The Entire Lengh Of The Van,Think There A Twin Rear Wheel,Sorry If I Sound So Vague,Or Any Help On Converting One To The Above,I Want To Build Motorhome,Either Complete,Or...

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