1. M

    Alloy wheel load rating

    Hi, I'm new to Vito ownership am looking to fit some alloys to my W638 Vito. Struggling to find details re load ratings required. Also looking at some Mercedes ML W163 alloys but not sure of their load rating. Is this info available anywhere or if any body knows this would be greatly...
  2. Irresistance

    W210 320CDI Sudden Plume of Acrid Smoke... and all good?

    Hello, Jus a quick question and/or story on what happened to me today. I was finally in Germany able to give the car some speed, and after about, oh, 40 minutes of 130-180 KM/h driving (avg. of about 160?) I saw my car belch out the most disgusting, bluey-grey near-opaque smoke from the...
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