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    Flat Battery, can't open vehicle

    Hi, Just returned today from 6 weeks away, and went to start car, but battery is completely flat. Key, and spare, both indicate that they are sending signals, but doors do not unlock. When I look through the window at the dashboard, I see that the clock has stopped. Tried the emergency (blade)...
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    Help: Locked out of SLK

    I have a lovely old SLK 32AMG (R170) Does anyone know how to get into the car (or open the bonnet) when the battery is flat? The car has been laid up on a SORN since November, has been run every month, but otherwise untouched. Previous lay-ups have been in a garage with battery on trickle, but...
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    CL500 - Can't get in

    The battery is completely dead on my 2003 CL500, and I can't open the doors, trunk, or hood. The windows need to go down a little in order to be able to open the door. The blade on my key isn't opening the doors or trunk. If I could get access to the trunk, I could probably jump the battery...
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