1. Smaltze

    w210 fan loose

    Tried searching about and cant get the info i want. Im not sure what this fan is actually called, its the fan between the engine and the radiator that spins off the pulley system. Somehow, im not sure how the fan has been damaged, two of the blades have corners broken off. i actually believe...
  2. T

    Identify loose parts found under seat

    Hi All, A little help please... I've been trying to find where a certain part goes on my car. I found it whilst vacuuming the car under the driver seat... for the life of me I cant figure out what it is or where it goes???:confused: As you can see there is a number on it and a 'R' (I found...
  3. T

    Loose Panoramic roof

    Hi All, Wasn't sure where to post this problem so apologies in advance. For the last few months I was driving around my SL55 with loads of air noise above 60mph. I thought the roof may need adjusting but it seems that the roof mechanism is fine. The panoramic roof is loose. I can literally...
  4. F

    It moved!

    Made the most of getting home in daylight and thought I'd squeeze a quick wash in. Wiped around passenger headlight and the body panel moved! Not far, but it's still a worry! Is something in need of tightening?
  5. T

    W211 loose driver's seat

    My driver's seat always seems to have a bit of fore-aft play in it, no matter where it's positioned — as if the "teeth" on the rail have too much gap between them. The movement is only around ¼" (6mm for the youngsters). As the seat movement has some friction in it, this doesn't cause an...

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