loss of acceleration

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    E220 2013 coupè no power

    Evening all, I have had an issue with my E220 for a few weeks now. I was driving on the motorway and then lost all power, I pulled over turned the car off and started it again but when I tries pulling off there was no power and struggled to get back onto the motorway. When I get home I plugged...
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    Turbo gone but no smoke or limp mode

    I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class AMG Coupe. It has 70000 miles on it. It’s petrol and the transmission is manual. The engine has been remapped. I was driving home and I did get my car to quite a high rpm in second gear to accelerate and suddenly I hear a hiss noise (like a balloon coming off a...
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    Loss of power & acceleration on slk r170

    Please, if anyone can help, you may save my day/week/year! About a month ago, my Mercedes ( slk r170 230 kompressor automatic) started playing up. As I pulled into town it cut out, completely, (no engine or power but dash lights stayed on) I waited 5 mins then car started fine. Got it on...

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