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    W126 420SEL 1991 - Running very lumpily and cutting out at low revs

    Hello all, This is my first post on this great forum. I have a 420 SEL 1991 which we are in the process of recommissioning. It was laid up for over 10 years in a barn. It runs very lumpily, misfiring slightly, and very frequently cuts out at low revs. It starts first time every time, even after...
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    Hi all The other day I was traveling along a motorway when I realised I had no turbo power. I had to reduce speed to pass a toll plaza and it took ages to get back up to speed gearing up at low revs, iif I accelerate it would not kick down and engine didn't rev, but once up to speed it was ok...
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    ML270cdi (2001) Low Rev problems

    Last month my Mercedes ML 270cdi began driving only at low revs in emergency mode, when taken to my mechanic he had replaced the intake manifold. After about a week, I have been experiencing similar problems but the car now goes into this emergency mode intermittently. Some days the car is...

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