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    About to be a Mercedes owner

    hi - I’ve driven Audis A4,5 Quattros,6 over the past 20 or so yrs and about to leave the 4 rings for the star of the Mercedes 220d e class 4Matic ( 2017) AMG basic and not Premium or Premium plus( as these seem to be between £5-8K more!) . I’m used to the excellent lumbar and neck support (...
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    Lumbar Support inflates on its own

    I have an SLK which has started to do something rather odd over the past few months. The lumbar support on the driver's seat inflates on its own, predominantly when I go around a left handed curve at speeds of over 20 or so MPH. I have sent it in to the dealer to have a look at it and they...
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    New CLK55 AMG owner

    Hi all, Just drove the 150 miles home in my new (to me) CLK55 AMG convertible W209. So happy with it. Decided to see what happens when the ESP is turned off, wont be doing that again in a hurry. Never had an auto/tip before, was like dropping the clutch !! So much car for the money. Couple of...

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