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    2012 C Class 220 Diesel Manual Gearbox

    Hi Everyone, Not sure where to begin but would welcome some advice or ideas. EML came on a while back. Scanner allowed it to be deleted. Went ok for a while then came back on. Saying back up pressure etc. Had the DPF changed. Few hundred miles then EML came back on and back into limp mode...
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    engine lumpy when started after heavy rain overnight

    The engine is lumpy when started after heavy rain, it has happened twice in the last 6 months. If it was a petrol it feels like a spark plug was not firing. The problem goes away after revving the engine to about 3,000 rpm a couple of times and is then OK. Has anyone any ideas as to what would...
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    ML300 Lumpy/erratic acceleration

    Anyone experienced slightly lumpy acceleration on an ML300 CDI? I have a 2010 blue efficiency model which is generally fine but it intermittently as you accelerate feels lumpy. It doesn't ever seem to do it if you accelerate quickly, only when you are gradually accelerating.

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