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    Poor acceleration CLK200 m111

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here, this is my first thread. My problem with my car is, if I push the gas pedal over ~60% the car is not accelerating like it should, but if below ~60% it accelerates like a charm without any problem, it can hit the rev limiter also. But if I push it too hard the magic...
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    190e m111 engine swap

    Hi there. I have a 1989 190e with a m102 2l 8v engine and want something a bit for nippy. I want this car to modify so it handles great as well as being pretty fast so I thought a good engine for this would be the m111 over the m104 as I am worried about the weight over the front. Has anyone...
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    M111 2.0 engine tuning help

    Greetings, what is the best way to gain more power on M111.940 engine without going forced induction? Would 2.2 or 2.3 head fit on a 2.0 and would increasing the compression by putting thinner HG and porting the head give any gains?
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    W202 C200 oil in coolant

    Greetings, I bought used manual W202 C200 Elegance from 1995 and I am happy with the performance and comfort of the car(had E36 before).I inspected everything on the car and it is in very good shape but one thing bothers me.Upon opening the expansion tank cap,it had mayo on it,and the water was...
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    W124 M111 oil pressure

    Hello all, What is the 'correct' oil pressure for my car? It has covered 155k miles and generally been looked after I'd concluded, looking at the service history. Following the last service, I have noticed that at idle the pressure drops to 2.1/2.2, once warm, and upon increasing engine...

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