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    Are W124 manual transmissions reliable?

    In a previous thread, someone said that w124 manual transmissions are very bad and they break down all the time. Is this true? I recently bought a W123 with a 5 speed W124 transmission.
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    2012 C Class 220 Diesel Manual Gearbox

    Hi Everyone, Not sure where to begin but would welcome some advice or ideas. EML came on a while back. Scanner allowed it to be deleted. Went ok for a while then came back on. Saying back up pressure etc. Had the DPF changed. Few hundred miles then EML came back on and back into limp mode...
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    Please “HELP” Mercedes sprinter sprinshift transmission malfunctioning?

    Please "HELP" My 2005 311cdi sprinter wont select any gear it just stays in Neutral. The transmission I think is called a sprintshift which is a manual gearbox that changes automatically by selecting gear up and down only and has a Auto option as well. I hope someone can help. Also I like to...

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