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    [W204] Replace 30GB HDD for newest map updates

    I own a W204 C350 build in 2007. Which means it holds the 30GB HDD. Now i know i am asking a question which has been asked before. But i am finding quite a lot of conflicting information, even more when i include the topics on Dutch forums. Plus because the car is getting a bit old, a lot of...
  2. J

    Avoid for sat nav update

    I’ve recently purchased a 2011 c220 estate and love it, my first Mercedes. I wanted to update the sat nav to the most recent maps and purchased the discs from - don’t make the same mistake. The discs were copies and not genuine, foolishly I tried to instal them and it does...
  3. M

    Sat Nav SD card CLA 220

    I’m am currently buying a 2015 CLA 220 AMG and when test driving I noticed the sat nav SD card is missing. Can anyone tell me where to get one on the cheap with the latest update rather than going to Mercedes themselves which costs a lot more. I am in the UK. Thanks.
  4. A

    maps c250

    The car is lovely needs abit of extra response in the lower gears though, anyone know of any proven good maps? THANK c250-2012-diesal.

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