ml 270 cdi exhaust

  1. Granit

    Please Help!! ML 270 CDI Turbo or Cat problem

    Hi there, My first post and I really hope someone can help me on this problem. Right, Yesterday which was Sunday, I thought I would take off the Turbo intake pipe and clean it. So I started by opening up the air filter box taking the air filter out, note that the air filer had sort of...
  2. cozmo1589

    Rattle in Cat Converter ML270cdi

    Hi everyone, i have a rattle in the cat part of my ML's exhaust. A local garage has said its either coming from the cat located behind the turbo charger or the next 2nd cat (didnt know there was 2) or the first one is breaking up and blowing parts into the second. Anyway i am being quoted almost...

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