ml 270 cdi

  1. G

    weird cable sticking out on ML

    Hello chaps. ML 270 CDI 2001 auto I have a cable sticking out from under the centre console on passenger side. It is not very flexible and has a screw thing on it to attach it to something. Any ideas what it might be? The car has an original CD, radio gps unit that works fine. All else works.
  2. G

    ML 270 CDI 2001 auto, sticks in park, fault code B1716

    With the ML, I'm getting an intermittent problem with the auto stick getting stuck in park and I have to use the pen trick. The readout on the display is always correct and the truck has no other faults. The fault code appears to be "B1716, module N41 ATA, indoor protection/gradient sensor...
  3. K

    Ml270 injector popped out

    I have a problem with my 270. One of the injectors popped out and stripped the threads. Tired m6 helicoil but the original bolt holes to big for m6. Can i go m7 or even m8? Is there enough surround metal to be able to drill n tap an m7 or m8 helicoil. All help appreciated
  4. N

    Ml270 cdi wont start

    Hi guys I have a 2004 ml270 cdi.. I bought the car and drove it 115km back home.. waz driving 100%.. I parked it on a down hill with the front lower than the back.. 2 hours later it did not want to start.. just cranked butt would not start at all.. the next day I got it going by putting a petrol...
  5. R

    Medesed ML 270CDI 2003 Facelift W163 Rear heater/blower stays on even when the car is turned off

    On my Mercedes ML 270 CDi 2003 (facelift model) the rear heater remains on after the car is switched off and the key is removed. I’ve tried looking for the fuse for the rear blower but been unsuccessful as the heater is constantly draining the battery therefore I’m disconnecting the battery...
  6. T

    W163 ECU Compartment fuse

    Excuse my ignorance if this is discussed elsewhere but I've an issue with the fuse located in the ECU compartment of my 2005 Ml270 I believe it is F24/8, 7.5A although there was a 10A fuse in this location It keeps blowing and wondered if there's any further information regarding its purpose? I...
  7. G

    injector screw/bolt broken ML270 CDI

    Hello, I'm new here but have read a lot on this subject. I have had this ML for about six months now, it is very clean and did run extremely well and everything works, but has quite high kilometers (340k). The car has a near complete service history by MB. I'm in rural France, and called a...
  8. S

    Radiator hoses deforming when revving engine.

    Hi folks, i have noticed that when you rev the engine on my W163 the large bore hose that runs along the top of the radiator deforms and gets sucked in. Replaced the hoses but it's still happening. Any ideas? Thermostat is new this year and temp is perfect. cheers Ian.
  9. cozmo1589

    ML 270 CDi - Did i do well???????????

    Hi all, following on from advise given to me on here re buying an ML270CDi, today i committed to a purchase. Its a 2002 (02) in Black, unmarked bodywork, only 43,000 miles from new, 2 owners with full MBZ service history and all old MOT's to proove milage. Full sand coloured Leather interior...

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