1. M

    ML350 Auto tailgate won't open or close

    Hi all Newbie here. I just took delivery of my 2010 ML350 very pleased with it but it did come with a problem which i was aware of. The power boot opener does not work. I have done a little bit of poking around and found the pump this runs when the button is pressed and it has hydraulic...
  2. Gillibrand

    ML W163 Bi-Xenon Self-Levelling Motor - Replaceable?

    I have a 2003 ML350 W163 with factory fitted Bi-Xenons. The n/s light seems to point too high (several inches higher than the o/s when about 2' from a wall). I have tried adjusting it manually, which moved it a bit but not enough. Can you replace the self-levelling motor on these headlights? Any...
  3. M

    Rear View Mirror

    The rear view mirror has came off the fixing to the windscreen and is resting in the plastic cover housing interior lights. Any ideas on taking off the cover to investigate. How is the mirror attached to the screen? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. B

    Seat protectors for 2013 ML Sport

    I am looking for covers/pads to protect my front seats when going fishing. So far I cannot find anything big enough and airbag compatible.Any ideas welcome!
  5. D

    Toyo Proxes S/T (ML350)

    I have a Mercedes M Class, ML350 (2010), and currently have Pirelli P Zero 265/45R20 Y 104 on the front and back. Has anyone got TOYO PROXES S/T 265/45R20 108V XL on their ML350? I realise the load rating is higher on the Toyo, but the speed rating is lower, does this affect the insurance...
  6. B

    2005 ML350 Flat Battery

    Hi apologies if this has been covered before but I'm a newbie and couldn't find a thread to cover this. I've just come back from being away and found that the battery on my ML is dead, just about enough to power the interior lights for 60 seconds... tried to jump it but no joy. Just need...

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