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    W245 Mobile Phone Bluetooth not Pairing

    Hello, The mobile phone bluetooth connection on my B Class has stopped working - I recently changed mobile providers and have new sim card and since then I cna't get my phone to pair with the bluetooth unit. I was wondering if the original bluetooth connection password was linked to a specfic...
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    Mobile STAR

    Hi guys, some time ago one of the forum members was helpful enough to post the name of a mobile STAR MB fitter who would do driveway work in and around the Midlands area. Can someone please point the way to his name & contact details for me, please?
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    Poor telephone sound quality on Viseeo MBU-3000

    Dear all, I have finally got the CL up and running as of a week ago. The Visseeo is plugged into the cradle, my iPhone connects up no problem, phonebook syncs flawlessly. The problem I have however is that, at the other end, I sound like I'm making the call next to a jet turbine engine at...

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