multi changer

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    Fitting multi changer

    Hi I'm trying to find if there is wiring in place for a multi changer in the boot. I want to remove side trim from inside the boot, or does anyone know where the wiring would be. Thanks in advance. Dave
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    New member.

    Hi all names Paul. Just registered on the forum and after some advice really. I've just part exchanged my Audi A4 plus cash for a Mercedes C220 sport 57 plate. Not actually picked it up yet. Going to get it in the morning from my brothers car sales place. 1. How do I update the sat nav? 2...
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    W203 - How to remove glove box mounted MB autochange

    Hope one of you technical bods out there can help me. I have a C180 Avantgarde estate with the Audio 20 stereo with the glovebox mounted CD autochanger. Unfortunately, the magazine has stuck in the machine and I have been told the autochanger will need to be removed to have it repaired...

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