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  1. Deepak

    New Member, going to be GLC owner soon & got a question on VIN

    Hiya all, Am going to pick up my Merc GLC 350e in 2-3 weeks and got my VIN 2 days ago form my dealer. now I would like to decode it and get the details. How can I do that, all leads are appreciated. Thanks. Cheers, Deepak
  2. S

    First Time Buying Advice???

    Hi guys, new to this forum and MB. Looking to join the club and have my eyes on a nice looking CLK 270 (2005). I've read up on them abit and they seem pretty good. But what do you guys think/ what should I look for? Is it reliable? (electrical,engine,trans) Is it ecomical? (I've read about...
  3. 300SL


    Looking for newish S-Class and found these tempting choices...
  4. 300SL

    CLS or S-Class?

    As the family SUV was crashed, we need a new car. I have chosen to diverge from an SUV for a change and I am stumped on which to choose. CLS 350 Sport from new or a newish S-Class (link below). I do not need much space, a sporty drive would be nice and speed as well, both will be diesels. Which...
  5. 300SL

    New Family Mercedes

    As my wife crashed our family car, a Mercedes ML300 CDi, we have sold it and we our looking at a new family car. Seven seats is not needed but I thought about the new ML but I have thought about a change. It would the thrid ML we have had in a row. If it were to be a saloon, it would have to be...
  6. M

    Buying my fist MB any advice welcome?

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and to MB, I am about to trade in my current car for a 2003 C180 Kompressor 1.8 auto Classic. (Estate) I have never owned a MB so this will be my first so I would appreciate some advice on what I should be checking prior to purchasing this car. It's from a...
  7. D

    service or warranty free !

    i am in the process of buying a used 2007 mercedes e280 cdi from a mercedes main dealer.they are offering 2 years free service & 1 years warranty or 2 years free warranty no service. i will drive about 12000 miles a year. which is the better offer ? :confused:

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