1. Ted Schrecker

    Best M-B service in Tyneside

    Hello all, New to Mercedes-Benz ownership (2003 SL500) and wondering what took me so long, I am now looking for the best dealer and independent service options in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, although I'm willing to go farther afield for the best work. I have seen a number of postiive...
  2. Ted Schrecker

    New to Mercs - service in Newcastle area?

    Hello all, I am new to Mercedes-Benz ownership (2003 SL500) and wondering why I waited so long. I'd appreciate recommendations for service in Newcastle area. I have seen a number of posts recommending Staithes Garage, but they all seem a few years old. Does anyone have more recent...
  3. GAD Tuning LTD

    GAD Tuning North ltd!!!

    We are pleased to announce our latest dealer! GAD Tuning North Ltd We have spent the last couple of months getting everything into place to open our North branch. Based in Newcastle Nass really is a top guy and a car enthusiast! He will be offering GAD Tuning software but will also be taking...

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