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  1. L

    Electrical Noise Feedback

    Hello, i'm getting a constant electrical noise coming from the driver side of my car,i thought it was the accelerator at first because it changes frequency when pressed but it also happens when stationary and in Park. Its been back in the garage i bought it from three times for various...
  2. MRAF

    New Merc Owner (E220 Estate) - Looking for any gottchas or things to look out for

    Hello all, I've just bought a Merc (my 1st dip into this Brand). I have very little knowledge to go on so I was hoping for any top tips for me to keep my eye out for on my E22o Estate. I've just got a E220 (S212) AMG Night Edition BLUETEC 2.2, with 8k on the clock on a 16 plate. What goes...
  3. C

    A220 Night Edition iPhone Control

    Hi I'm a new A220 owner and I found out when picking up my car that although I can sync via bluetooth, but I can't the hook the phone up and operate the music via the stereo, or get DAB channels. I'm being told that this can't be retro-fitted, can anyone let me know if this is true?? I...

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