1. M

    Coolant Pump Control Circuit / Open P2600 any advice

    Hi Was wondering if anyone can shed some light on my issue i scanned my car i have foxwell nt310 scanner on 28th Jan came up with Fault Code P2600 Coolant Pump Control Circut Open then on 29th the engine light came up and stayed on for 2 days , called aa out they scanned it came up with same...
  2. A

    Is my 1996 C180 OBD2 compliant, or is it something else?

    Hello, About a year ago, I purchased a 1996 C class, C180, Esport, petrol, 1.8, automatic, RH drive, 120,000 miles, W202? I live in Cornwall UK, by the sea, and I’d like to use this car until at least 200,000 Just whistled through MOT, with only a few advisories, but I’d like to get hold of a...
  3. TechnoWhizz

    OBD2 Error Code P4010 or 410 Secondary Air Injection System W163

    Hi Everyone, Just got a little Bluetooth OBD2 unit to try on my W163 ML500 (03). All works fine (within its capability) but it comes up repeatedly with this P4010 code. I do occasionally get a sluggishness from the engine under load, and now the little unit is attached and paired with my phone...
  4. L

    OBD2 Port Question - Blue Wire?

    Having trouble hooking my SL55 up to a remote tuning program - the software just doesn't seem to want to communicate with the car for some reason. Everything seems correct in the software & hardware setup, but it just won't see it. Had similar issues with some of the features through STAR too...

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