1. M

    Coolant Pump Control Circuit / Open P2600 any advice

    Hi Was wondering if anyone can shed some light on my issue i scanned my car i have foxwell nt310 scanner on 28th Jan came up with Fault Code P2600 Coolant Pump Control Circut Open then on 29th the engine light came up and stayed on for 2 days , called aa out they scanned it came up with same...
  2. A

    Is my 1996 C180 OBD2 compliant, or is it something else?

    Hello, About a year ago, I purchased a 1996 C class, C180, Esport, petrol, 1.8, automatic, RH drive, 120,000 miles, W202? I live in Cornwall UK, by the sea, and I’d like to use this car until at least 200,000 Just whistled through MOT, with only a few advisories, but I’d like to get hold of a...
  3. X

    Merchandise OBD port lock

    hi, Does anyone know any a good place to find an OBD port locker. My previous car was stolen and Im being paranoid with this port. Any other good practice on how to protect your car? Cheers
  4. TechnoWhizz

    OBD2 Error Code P4010 or 410 Secondary Air Injection System W163

    Hi Everyone, Just got a little Bluetooth OBD2 unit to try on my W163 ML500 (03). All works fine (within its capability) but it comes up repeatedly with this P4010 code. I do occasionally get a sluggishness from the engine under load, and now the little unit is attached and paired with my phone...
  5. L

    OBD2 Port Question - Blue Wire?

    Having trouble hooking my SL55 up to a remote tuning program - the software just doesn't seem to want to communicate with the car for some reason. Everything seems correct in the software & hardware setup, but it just won't see it. Had similar issues with some of the features through STAR too...
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