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    1998 C250TD not reaching operating temperature

    Hello all, my 1998 W202 C250TD benz at the moment (winter in the southern hemisphere) only reaches a "running temp" of around 62-65°C on the highway and when driven hard gets closer to about 70°C, but never reaching 80°C. The same is true even when it was warmer earlier this year only reaching...
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    E190 engine swap

    Hi everyone I am thinking of doing an engine swap to my 1989 190e 2.6 auto and cant decide which engine my main choices where the m104 3.2 petrol or the om605 or 606 diesel can anyone tell me the pros or cons to the engines and which will be more fun also I was thinking of putting them to a...
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    Om605 Electric pump to mechanical rebuild?

    Hello, im wondering if ITS possible to convert a electric pump from an om605 to a mechanical pump? The pump comes from an om605 that had even in an w202 c250D. Sorry for bad English
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    OM605 timing help!!!

    Hi there, here is the story so far; i had to remove the head from my c250td due to 2 snapped glow plugs and a few other bits and bobs that needed looking at, after getting the head back on and timed up ie. locking pin on the inlet cam and all set to tdc went to fire her up and she refused to...

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