1. Benny Dub

    2003 C270 CDi performance upgrades

    Evening all - I'm now about 4 months back into Mercedes ownership - I sold my W208 a couple years ago but needing something a bit more economic, comfy and practical than my old MG I've got myself a 2003 W203 wagon, C270 CDi. I plan to get a bit more power out of it, and although was initially...
  2. A

    270 CDI failing to robustly start after injector seal replacement

    Hello All. I would appreciate some help. I few weeks ago - I replaced injector number 5 copper seal because it was blowing gases and partial combustion tar. Before this - the vehicle started every time, even it is was a longer crank than originally known. To remove the injector, I used a...
  3. W

    Rebuild 270 diesel (OM612) Low oil pressure on hot idle

    Hi all I have a Jeep GC which was produced with the OM612 Mercedes engine. I have rebuilt the engine, rebored 20thou, crank cut 10thou, new oil pump, new water pump, head redone by engineering shop as well as all the machining and micing done by the engineering shop. I also had the nozzles...

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