1. M

    E series estate 4Matic opinions?

    I have owned E series estates for years. I am now thinking of buying the 4matic version. Does one have any thoughts on which is the best engine, any problems with the car etc etc.
  2. RyanSL500

    Opinions on having an SL500 R230 as my daily car.

    Hi all, I’ve recently become a member of this awesome forum (my introduction thread can be found here: https://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/index.php?threads/new-member.175078/ I’m the recent owner a 2002 SL500 R230(picture in the other thread) which has been in the family for many years. This...
  3. A

    Any one mapped?

    Has anybody remap their car and if so any pros and cons? Looking to map the c250 diesel to get extra ompth and response there is bit of turbo lag. I know it's not sports car but who wouldn't want Eco and sporty ;)
  4. Irresistance

    W245 B-Class opinions, reliability and MPG request

    Hello, My wife's trusty old W210 E320 CDI is slowly becoming EOL, and we need a new a vehicle. After some deliberations I have come to believe the W245 B-class may be a suitable replacement. However, I am not very well-versed in this car and know little about it in terms of reliability and...

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