W245 B-Class opinions, reliability and MPG request


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Apr 25, 2009
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Gdansk, Poland
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My wife's trusty old W210 E320 CDI is slowly becoming EOL, and we need a new a vehicle. After some deliberations I have come to believe the W245 B-class may be a suitable replacement. However, I am not very well-versed in this car and know little about it in terms of reliability and general faults.

We are looking for an automatic, most likely early 2005-2007 range (so pre-facelift, not sure if that's a good idea...), and frankly don't really care if its Diesel (although without DPF) or Petrol. I have read around a bit, found some issues with the automatic gearbox dying a bit too soon, some unspecified issue with the rear brakes, but other than that nothing too serious.

Any feedback, opinions and comments very welcome. Also any advice on best engine and options happily received. Does the panoramic roof work well, without leaks etc? Any regular servicing items that seem to need above-average interval rteplacement, etc.

Many thanks :)
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