1. K

    SRS Warning Light (w245, 2009, b150)

    Hi, I have a Mercedes Benz W245 (year 2009). I had an ELV (or Electronic Steering Lock) issue recently and hence ended up disassembling part of the steering wheel (I only realised later that I didn't need to disassemble the steering column to remove the ELV, because my ELV was in an unlocked...
  2. M

    W245 Mobile Phone Bluetooth not Pairing

    Hello, The mobile phone bluetooth connection on my B Class has stopped working - I recently changed mobile providers and have new sim card and since then I cna't get my phone to pair with the bluetooth unit. I was wondering if the original bluetooth connection password was linked to a specfic...
  3. Drewpy

    B class W245 engine under tray wanted

    Got my B200 CDI in Jan uary, but there was no engine undertray. I've been trying to find one ever since, any one have one please? Merci Drewps
  4. R

    Mercedes W245 B200 Turbo Power Steering Issues

    Hi Gents, 1st things 1st, a very Happy New Year to you all!! Im having an intermittent issue with the B200. Sometimes when idle the power steering seems to make a very strange grinding rattling noise. Sometimes you can see the steering wheel on its own slightly. Now as its intermittent i took...
  5. sineda

    New B-Class member from the East Midlands

    Hi all, Newbie to this forums. Where shall I start? I am a car enthusiast, I used to sell cars as a hobby whilst studying law at university. Love to get my hands dirty in DYI. Thinking of opening an honest garage one day where customers won't be afraid that they may get ripped off and won't...
  6. R

    B200 W245 ashtray light

    Hi guys, Anyone know how to change the bulb. I see the white panel where the bulb I assume sits but how do you change the bulb?
  7. Irresistance

    W245 B-Class opinions, reliability and MPG request

    Hello, My wife's trusty old W210 E320 CDI is slowly becoming EOL, and we need a new a vehicle. After some deliberations I have come to believe the W245 B-class may be a suitable replacement. However, I am not very well-versed in this car and know little about it in terms of reliability and...
  8. M

    W245 SE with 17" wheels & low profile tyres

    Hello, My 2008 B200 SE CDI which I've just bought (a month ago) from an independent dealer is OK in every respect, but it has had 17" wheels with low profile tyres fitted (from new according to the works specification booklet that came with it). The ride is quite harsh and I'm already...
  9. T

    W245 B180 CDI Glow plugs anomaly

    After cleaning EGR something happened with the glow plugs, as before everything was fine. Now glow plugs don't work, as in the morning when it's feezing outside, it takes a while for the engine to start. After starting, the glow plugs light on dash stays on for the whole ride, although few times...
  10. L

    W245 B180 CDI Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi fellow Mercedes owners! I have a question for our more mechanically experienced friends: How is the hand brake adjusted on a W245? Is it on the callipers or is it under the car somewhere? Any guidance would be gratefully received!! Many thanks, Dave

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