oxygen sensor

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    Location of oxygen sensors

    Can anyone help me locate the oxygen sensors on a Mercedes vito w639? I have the engine diagnostic light on and heard this is the most common reason. Thanks in advance
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    P013504 - oxygen sensor heater W176 petrol

    Couple days ago check engine appeared for the first time, I read the codes using Autel AP200 and got: P013504 -an electrical fault exists in the heater for oxygen sensor 1 (cylinder bank 1). An internal fault exists. I've done lots of reading and in the meantime ordered another sensor (bosh)...
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    replacement oxygen sensor SL450 1980

    Hi I own a R107 SL450 from 1980 I want to replace the Lambda sensor but could not find exact match of O2 sensor. Original part nbr is A002 542 1218 or Bosch 0258001040. I could not find identical match but purchased new sensor that was supposed to be compatible (Bosch 0258001051) I now have...
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    Lambda O2 Sensors - where can I get one?

    Hello to all-- I thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. I was wondering where I can possibly buy a part online. Do you have any good recommendations? I live in Brazil and would need to get the part shipped here, most likely from the UK as the car is a European...

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