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    E350CGI, 2010, Lean Errors Help please!!

    Merry Christmas all, hopefully someone may be able to offer some advice. Situation: 2010 E350 CGI Petrol, 95k miles Historically (over past 35k miles) I got 26.7mpg Over last poss 700 miles, average dropped to 26.4! so a big drop, struggle to get over 24 mpg driving like a pussy but on none...
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    w209 system too lean P0171

    Hi all...experienced advice required again. Car running well and I get the engine warning light. Bought a code reader and it comes up P0171 system too lean, bank 1. Could this just be poor quality fuel as I filled up at a different garage? Is there anything I can check for leaks or clean? I...
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    C200k Rough Idle (hot) + Errors: P0171 P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304

    Hi All, have issue with poorly C200k, auto. Car has done 80k and is due a service. Starts fine every time hot or cold. But when engine warm/hot the idle often (but not always) goes rough, very rough and the car drives terrible under 2000 rpm. If you rev it between 1000-2000 rpm the car...

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