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    Body shop

    I’m new in here and hope you all can help me. My 6 month old GLC was keyed on Tuesday evening. 3 panels affected. MB has quoted me £3k to respray. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.
  2. C

    My new W212, scratched :'(

    Hi all, I've had my W212 for all of 10 days now, I woke up this morning to see somebody has scratched it :'( I've attached a picture of the rear offside, the scratch is located towards the rear of the car... The scratch is rough to touch... Can't tell you how upset I am.... Anyway, any...
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    C class coupe micro blisters

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a 2012 C class from a car garage and for the first week of owning it i decided to give it a good clean. upon clay barring it to get the surface clean I noticed the paint had micro blisters all over.. majority on the bonnet, roof, boot and sides.. can anyone...
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    W204 2012 has micro-blistered paintwork

    Hi. This is my first post. Having read through previous posts I see that some MB owners have had problems with their paintwork coming out in micro-blisters. Did MB help out with remedying the defect for anyone? Did you have to go to Court to get their attention? My 2012 C180 estate in solid red...
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    Scratch damage

    Does anyone know of someone in the birmingham area who could sort out these scratches and dent in the wheel arch?
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    Full Respray Cost

    How much would a full respray cost for an S-Class (W221, 2006+) in general? I'm thinking of white, or possibly black. Are there different standards/qualities offered by the bodyshops, for instance, "showroom" quality? Would something like showroom quality be suitable for the road? Thanks!
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    Hello. Does anyone know how much it cost to re spray a merc e class? Has anyone used any other independent company for cheaper? I have a tree gum falling on the car bonnet and it has left scratches and small marks. thanks
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    Rust Repairs in Preston, Lancs

    Can anyone recommend a body/paint repairers in Preston Lancs. I have an annoying square inch of rust bubbling just above the number plate hollow on my 2005 E220 Estate. My car has FMBSH but I havent asked the dealership for a quote as I would probably faint.
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    Vehicle Wrap

    i have a w114 which is getting quite a lot of rust bubbles and has to live on the street Im not able to afford the many thousands of pounds that full restoration would need right now and im thinking of getting it plastic wrapped. Does anyone have experiance of wrapping old cars? and...

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