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    MB CLS350d 2019 Park Assist Inoperative being erratic.

    Hi there, Looking for some understanding of how the park assist system starts to work. I have noticed it being extremely erratic in my case: sometimes after driving for a bit, and upon slowing down, the park assist option pops-up and the car parks itself perfectly. However, sometimes the park...
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    CL600 Park Assist

    Hi, I'm hoping once again to tap into the wealth of knowledge available within the forum. My car, a 2007 CL600, has intermittently been acting strange; and in a rather dangerous and worrying way. When approaching traffic lights, a junction, or roundabout (slowing down basically), as I get to...
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    WIS info needed please

    I am about to retrofit headlamp self leveling for my HID headlamps including the headlamp washers and Parking assist and was wondering if anyone has the WIS instructions for this and could email me the PDF's as [I] am sure it will make it all much easier that doing it by guesswork :D Many...

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