1. PaulG

    Parking Habits and avoiding thoughtless drivers

    Since owning the E240 I have developed a few parking habits and was wondering if others had their own too. As well as people who see banging their car doors against others as just one of those things the length of the E-Class has also encouraged this. Sometimes car parking spaces are not long...
  2. E

    A Class A200 AMG

    Hi all, I wanted to find out if there is any way to turn on the parking sensor sound on the A200 AMG 2016. I just purchased this car, I am loving it so far. When you put it into reverse the camera shows on the main screen however it only shows lines and the actual sound doesn't come on. I...
  3. T

    W245 Parking Sensor circuit?

    Hello all, I recently joined back together my parking sensor wiring on a 2010 180CDi after the front bumper got damaged and cut the wiring in half. The problem is the individual wires are not all different colours (which would have made joining the right ones easy), I had to guess a bit, and...
  4. P

    Parking sensors

    I just bought a 2004 CLK but unfortunately it does not have parking sensors. I would be grateful for any advice on what sensors I should buy, rough cost, and how to install them. Many thanks.
  5. G

    C200 2005 New Owner - Please help

    Guys and Gals First of all, I am glad to find this forum. At least for some things for the Merc comes free of cost and the same quality... like the advice on this forum. Well... I bought a used C200 CDi 2005. I have some questions. Infact, I was so excited while buying the car that I...

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