1. Chrishazle

    Spieshecker Document Re Paint Defects

    In my 2019 thread Carneol Red Laquer Peeling - Let Battle Commence, I reference a superb document by the Spieshecker company showing all types of paint defects plus the cause and cure for each. Unfortunately the link no longer works and I have emailed the company to ask if it is still available...
  2. Davidsnell987


    Hello please can anyone help me!! Bought my Mercedes just over a year ago now all has been well, apart from the last couple months I have started to see that the paint is peeling away!!. The lacca seems to just keep peeling and peeling off. I have seen a lot of people with this issue online and...
  3. A

    Merc B Class (2006) - Peeling Door sticker

    Having had my B class for 4 years, we've noticed that over the past 12 months the black sticker on the driver door panel (on the window edge opposite the hinges) has started to peel away :cry: Is there anything i can do to rectify this as it looks very unsightly. I've tried cleaning away the...

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