petrol in a diesel engine

  1. D

    Petrol in my Diesel

    Hi guys, Yes, I have done it. I had half a tank of Diesel when I drove into a gas station. Picked up the nozzle and squeezed the trigger. Very quickly I realised that I had picked up the wrong nozzle. I had pumped in 4 litres of Petrol into the car when I stopped. I then filled it with Premium...
  2. C

    S350CDi Blue Efficiency - 2010 - Car destroyed by fire due to wrong fuel

    I was the owner of a S350CDi Blue Efficiency, registered in 2010. I accidently filled the tank with petrol instead of diesel one day. Yes, I know this was a stupid thing to do but I know understand that it is quite a common occurence among motorists. I did not realise what I had done and...
  3. peterwhayward


    Wifes just put £40 petrol in CLS diesel engine can she drive it one mile home???? fast reply please

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