petrol or diesel

  1. Alex240

    Diesel or petrol?

    Ok, I was sure this must have been discussed at some point and so I searched for a thread on it. If there is one already, I couldn't find it. If there is one that I missed could someone please direct me to it so this thread can be ignored or deleted. I'm simply interested in the views people...
  2. P

    Should I buy a diesel or petrol C class?

    I am looking to buy a C class Mercedes and I have a budget of £10k give or take £2k depending on the specification. So far I have looked at the following specs: Mercedes C180 1.6 Komp BlueEFFICIENCY SE 4dr 2009 - 44,819 miles Mercedes C200 2.2 CDi SE 4dr 2008 - 76,629 miles My Annual...

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