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    Connecting phone to bluetooth

    Hi all, I've just bought a 2008 CLC 1.8 Kompressor and am trying to connect my phone inside so that i can make and receive calls. I have something in the middle of the centre console which takes a sim card. i have ordered a pay as you go sim and stuck that in there but nothing is happening. I...
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    Bluetooth Cradle SAP v3 Compatibility Issue?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2006 A Class A200 Elegance with Comand and telphone pre-wire (Code 386). I have purchased a Mercedes SAP Bluetooth V3 cradle (Part Number A2129068600). On fitting the cradle into the centre armrest phone socket the cradle is not recognised by the Comand (Tel button...
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    2006 Viano CDI Ambiente phone cradle no power

    I have a Viano CDI Ambiente 2006 with a phone cradle mounted on the dash near the steering. It is factory built and is the right connector for the Visee0 MB-2. I just bought a Viseeo MB-2 and connected it to the car cradle. No power to the unit. I tested the unit by connecting it to my PC and it...
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    Phone Cradle

    Hi there chaps... I'm looking for a bluetooth phone cradle for my 55 plate CLK 220. It's the thing that fits into the arm rest that I'm after. I have a BlackBerry phone and understand that if I get one that works in any BB it should be ok with the one I have or any potential upgrade in the...

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