please help??!!!??

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    slk 230 1997 please help!!!

    I own a Mercedes slk 230 1997 model and ive been trying to fix it up to sell it but the dashboard fault code 318 keeps coming up does anyone know what it means would love any help or advise :confused:
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    V reg Vito not starting

    Hi all I have Vito 1999 witch starts only if is pushed for few meters and if I try by the key will keep weeling until batery runs and still not starts. After starting pushed runs perferctly and is all OK Only problem is to be started. If somebody know any think please let me know...
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    300 ce 1991

    hiya all i have a 91 300ce that starts eventually then cuts out after about 10 mins then will not re start.... i have drained the fuel tank replaced the filter, replaced dizzy cap n rotar arm replaced coil got spark n fuel on all 6 cylinders...any ideas would be most welcome sounds real sweet...
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    Merc C180 Sport - Please Help re Camshaft Sprocket

    My car is 2002 reg and is a 1.8 petrol. It didnt start last week and the garage that have it now say that: "Right hand camshaft sprocket keeps jumping teeth when engine turned by hand". Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know how to fix this??? Please help as garage dont have a...

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