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    E250 Blue-Cy Agarde Cdi 2010 (W212) - Power Issues

    Hey, I have a E250 Blue-Cy Agarde Cdi W212 2010 that has issues with its power output. The car has done 103,000 miles. When starting the car it is normal but after 20-30 minutes it goes into limp mode and the check engine light comes on. When idle with the car, the rev meter bounces at 1000...
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    SLK 320 2001 Power problems, garage stumped

    hi I have a 2001 320 6 cylinder SLK. I love it. Recently it has been playing up. After driving for about 20-25 miles the emergency lights go on, and the speedo hits 0, the car keeps driving but inevitably I'm driving at speed and so in gear 4 where it stays. I can only accelerate very slowly...

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