1. M

    Power lag

    My 1998 c250td wont accelerate to overtake when cruising at 120kmh and loose power during acceleration from 2nd gear upwards
  2. M

    How to increase performance, air intake, turbo for $1. Disable EGR Mod. Observations

    Hello All I've had a Ml270 CDI W163 now for about a year. Love it. Stumbled across some forums suggesting EGR disable and looked into it. Actually my engine was leaking a bit of oil so I started cleaning the engine bay, tinkering and prodding. Turns out the EGR Valve has quite a bit of...
  3. R

    CLC200 CDI Loss of Power

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum and a proud owner of a 58 Plate CLC200 Auto Diesel. I was driving it today and noticed it wouldn't rev above 3000RPM. I struggled to overtake and could barely go above 60mph. There was no sign of the turbo kicking in and the car was very slow to accelerate...
  4. S

    lack of power and speed.

    Hi there I have a ML 270 from 2002 and the absolute top speed is 135 KM/H. It also has a great lack of power going through the gears, it does not rev over 3000.
  5. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E350 CDI Remapping!!!

    Afternoon guys and girls, Today at GAD we had another lovely E350 CDI in for power tuning. The 3.0 litre V6 has plenty to offer on the horse power and torque front along with refining the gearbox. ECU location is in the silly front right wing!!! After myself and Gary whipped it out I got...
  6. B

    BAS ESP Visit Workshop (W208)

    Hi All. Thought I would post summary of recent problem I had with the BAS ESP, how it has been resolved and recommendations for H E Lock, Merc Indy in Rushden, Northants. Since owning 2001 CLK2300 Convertible (w208) I had overlooked a few issues didn’t appear to cause any long term problems...
  7. L

    W203 prefacelift - Shortcircuit heated mirror, now what?

    My car: C-class w203 200cdi 2001 My problem: Rightside mirror got nailed at the parkinglot. I removed the broken parts, and left the wiring hanging :(.. Obviously the wiring carried electric power and thus shortcircuited, more specifically the connectors to the heated mirror. They ended up...
  8. C

    CLS AMG 55 ESP defective no power

    Can anyone help please. My CLS is fine until you try to change gear by flooring the accelerator. It won't change down and at that moment of clicking by the accelerator the ESP defective visit workshop indicator appears. It has lost a lot of acceleration at speed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. BRABUS R230

    ECU Remapping or is it Madness!!!

    Hi All, I know that some of you may think that I am crazy for even considering this but I will explain, I have a very rare BRABUS modified SL55, one of only six made in right hand drive for UK, it produces 550HP and 780Nm of Torque which I know may of you will say "thats more that enough" but I...

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