1. W

    R107 350 SLC - no signal going to the fuel pump relay

    Hi Guys I've got a 350 SLC manual that's a non starter. I put direct power onto the fuel pump and it runs 100%. I checked through the relays and found the fuel pump relay. Swopped the relay with another to test and no joy. I then bridged the relay so direct power from 12v goes directly to the...
  2. D

    Heater box refurb on R107

    Does anyone know of a refurb service for the heater box on the R107? or a source of second hand ones?
  3. frontstar

    R107 location of ECU

    Having a R107 350SL from -72 with D-jtronic ECU. The car is working OK but now when I do some interior jobs (new carpet-set) I found out that the ECU, which is placed on the passenger side not is mounted properly. It just hang in a lace (yes, former owner's idea!). Is there someone can tell me...
  4. mark.s

    FATHERS DAY OFFER (Driving Experiences)

    FATHER’S DAY Stuck for ideas this year? Purchase a classic Mercedes-Benz hire car voucher from The SL Shop before June 30th and receive 10% discount. See www.theslshop.com/hire.
  5. zedmeister

    R107 280SL ABS light blinking - strange!

    Original thread here for what I have just done to my car: http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=159934 Now the ABS light blinks twice and goes out when I turn on the ignition: https://youtu.be/MaMb2QwZpfc
  6. zedmeister

    R107 wipers won't turn off!!!!

    I bought a R107 1985 280SL recently. The wipers used to run on "0" but off on "1". They also used to turn on when indicating - very annoying! So I figured it was the stalk. I purchased a brand new stalk and I have just fitted it - now the wipers run on every setting when the ignition is on! I...
  7. S

    New Member - London - R107

    Just registered, hello all. I am just starting to restore a 1985 300SL. I have come here to seek some inspiration and advice. Can anyone recommend a supplier of replacement panels? Are any still available from what was previously called Hadrien panels? Has anyone else experience with using...
  8. A

    1972 350sl front antenna

    Hi The automatic antenna on my 1972 350sl (R107) has been misbehaving. It continues to try to wind down the aerial after it is fully down - resulting in a flat battery. I've disconnected it from the Becker head unit for now but does anyone know how to get at the antenna? It's situated on the...
  9. T

    Trying to locate engine No. on R107 280SL

    I'm still having massive problems trying to work out where I find the engine number on my 1985 280sl R107. Would be really grateful for some help on this. I've been offered an accident damaged (write-off) 1982/3 280SL with a low mileage engine that I'm hoping to transfer to my car. I'm...
  10. A

    1972 350sl interior retrim

    Hi I forgot about my old Mercedes 350sl and left it in a garage (embarrassingly for 14 years) whilst I moved away, had kids etc. I went back and got her about a year ago and had everything done bodywork-wise and mechanically too. Looks really beautiful. Now I want the interior done. The...
  11. D

    Who rebuilds cruise control amplifiers?

    Having bought a reconditioned cruise control amplifier unit for an R107 (p/n 0035450732) I am the proud owner of my old broken unit. Does anyone know who can rebuild my own unit so that I have a spare? Resoldering it myself seems a bit pointless if I don't have the facility to test it.
  12. S

    R107 headlamp adjust

    Exactly how do you do this? Cheers
  13. S

    R107 Blue smoke on acceleration - MoT fail?

    3 litre 1988 model 109,000 miles just failed it's MoT due to blue smoke on acceleration. Is there an interim solution to get me through the MoT, like Forte engine oil additive? I understand that my valve stems may need replacing, and the valve guides. However I'd prefer to do the job in a...
  14. J

    R107 300SL Engine cutting out

    Any assistance would be useful - my 1987 300 SL has recently started to cut out after a period once the engine has warmed up. It starts up again but then the frequency of it cutting out increases to the point that it is not driveable. At first the concensus was that it was dampness in the...
  15. S

    R107 electric windows failure

    300 SL 1988 Both windows stopped working at the same time. Fuse for each window intact. Any ideas where I start to look for the fault?

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