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    W204 Electrical Problem

    Hi currently have W204 (320CDI 08), initial problems were: No heated seats, auto lights, wipers or horn not working. I replaced front sam, which worked for a week. And it stopped working again. SAM was matched both part number and software numbers. Code read on Star. I purchased another...
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    Fuel gauge always reading 3/4

    Hi all I have just bought a SL55 2004. Fuel always reading 3/4. My friend has a Chinese knock off Star System. I followed the star step by step to diagnose. I diconnected the plug on the fuel sender unit on the petrol tank and put various resistors on the plug socket from 51ohms to 1000...
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    How to open the boot if rear SAM faulty?

    My 2009 W204 C220 CDI has a faulty rear SAM (apparently). We have a replacement but the boot won't open, neither by fob or using the remote button on the driver door. Does anyone have an idea how to get the boot open please? TIA.

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