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    Red alert, door open alarm won't go away

    Hi guys, This is my first post and I'm not sure whether it's an electrical or mechanical fault so forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section. My 56 plate c220 started displaying the red dashboard alarm telling me the drivers door is open, I've tried slamming the door making sure...
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    Red battery visit workshop message

    Hello all I bought a mercedes SL500 R230 2002 about six months ago with a red visit workshop message. It was checked at time do sale by WDM in Birmingham with the stars system, and was advised it was not a serous issue and to carry on with the purchase. To date I have replaced both...
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    RED LIGHT :visit workshop

    Had this Sl500 2002 approx. 6 months and bought it with a warning fault :battery red warning, visit workshop: Had a stars checkout by WDM Birmingham who said buy the car has it is nothing to worry about. Replaced both batteries original merc batteries, and replaced the battery relay K57...
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    Mercedes rusting..

    Is this normal, your red Mercedes Vito 111 CDIstarts rusting to look like this when it is 9 years old? :( Let me know what you think... Is Mercedes obliged to fix this or compensate me? Does it fall under guarantee?

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