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  1. J

    2013 SL 500 R231 Stage 1 remap, anyone tried this?

    Has anyone mapped their SL 500 R231 with what kind of driving improvement results, from what I see below on performance increases with Quantum tuning, the performance should be very close to an AMG?
  2. N

    Remap worth it ?

    Hi I’ve currently bought a CLS250 cdi AMG Sport 2012 , I’ve seen quite a lot of places all offering the same service to remap the car and claim it goes from 201bhp to around 240bhp , everyone is claiming that this is safe and it won’t put too much stress on clutches and other parts . I quite...
  3. Acid@MSL

    MSL MY Genius with custom remap Group buy

    Update: we currently have 19 people signed up so would need another 6 to proceed. Any takers? Please read carefully! We are offering you guys the chance to do a group buy in order to receive a and . We can only offer them at these discounted prices if 25 or more of you buy. The price...
  4. C

    Remap ml280

    Hi all I was thinking of getting my ML280 remapped. Has anyone on here had theirs done? And does it I'mprove your mpg? And roughly what to? Mine is booked in for a stage 1 remap at beginning of June and the guy said it should take it upto about 270bhp and improve fuel consumption. Any feedback...
  5. A

    first merc and ready to make mine

    hi I've just bought a 2012 c250 Manuel yes I know but I like manuals :). The beautiful CAR Comes with so much stuff and is not slow. Although my last car was a Astra VXR so feels a lot different. I've already started making it mine by subtle changes wanted to know if any one has a remap as I...
  6. S

    Potential remapping issues diesel

    Hello everyone, this is my first post! I stumbled across this site after looking at potential remap options for my 2010 C350 CDI as I'm currently quite cautions of getting it done. I have a few specific questions if anyone could help please; 1. Would the remap affect the DPF function...
  7. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes 250CDI Remapping!!!

    Morning guys, Happy Easter!!! We had a lovely 250CDI in yesterday for power tuning, the car was lovely inside and out and the customer drive all the way from Ireland that morning as he was that desperate to get us to tune it! The 250CDI engine runs the Delphi injectors and Delphi...

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