1. Acid@MSL

    MSL MY Genius with custom remap Group buy

    Update: we currently have 19 people signed up so would need another 6 to proceed. Any takers? Please read carefully! We are offering you guys the chance to do a group buy in order to receive a and . We can only offer them at these discounted prices if 25 or more of you buy. The price...
  2. Acid@MSL

    My Genius with Custom Remap Group buy

    Update: we currently have 16 people signed up so would need another 9 to proceed. Please read carefully! We are offering you guys the chance to do a group buy in order to receive a and . We can only offer them at these discounted prices if 25 or more of you buy. The price is all in and...
  3. Bradcla

    Remap help!

    I’ve recently bought the CLA 180 with the intention of remapping it to a stage 1 (stage 2 if advised). After doing some research and reading some horror stories... I was wondering what other mods I’d need to do before the Re map (if any) so my car can handle the extra power? I remapped my...
  4. Acid@MSL

    MSL Portable Custom Remap Handheld My Genius Devices

    MY genius handheld devices are now availiable for any Mercedes mappable via the OBD Port and all come with a fully custom bespoke MSL Performance Remap! C63 W204 510 Min BHP = £750 C63 W205 580 Min BHP = £950 M157 5.5 Bi turbo Min 660 BHP = £850 E63s W213 4lt Min 700 BHP = £1150...
  5. mikegc01

    2017 w205 remap 2.1 170hp

    Had a remap done locally and the original figure was 189 and after the remap/Dino went to 253 , how is this possible wow
  6. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E63s AMG Stage 2 Remapping!

    Good morning fellow members, Had this lovely E63s AMG in a few weeks ago I forgot to post. Customer of ours had bought this already running decat downpipes, modified air boxes and tuned. Customer had been having running issues with the vehicle with catalyst related faults bringing on check...
  7. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes S204 C220 CDI Stage 1 remapping!!!

    Hi guys, Had this lovely C220 CDI for Stage 1 calibration. This runs the Delphi management system same as the C200 CDI and C250 CDI. Full OBD communication but with a fast READ time so all data off the vehicle within 10 minutes. WRITE time is even faster which is great. Was a little down on...
  8. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C250 CDI W205 Stage 1 remapping

    Customer came in bright and early Saturday just gone. Had driven from Southampton over to us in Essex. A little different with this 250 CDI being a 2016 they had an ECU revision and instead of the slightly older Delphi CRD3xx platform was the newer Delphi CRD3P.D1 which now has a Tricore...
  9. L

    New E350cdi owner looking for a remap and mods!

    Hi all, Title says it all really! I've just purchased a e350cdi and am looking to get it mapped and a few mods. Mapping wise I would like to use GAD as I've read nothing but praise for them, however I'm based in Mansfield (jct 29 M1) so am miles away..... does anyone recommend anyone else...
  10. N

    CLC CDI 220 remapping recommendations

    Read with interest previous post recapping for CLC 220 CDI. Does anyone know a recommended specialist garage to remap in the Gerrards Cross, Ruislip, Amersham area postcode SL9 or maybe further afield fora strong recommendation? Thanks. Nikki
  11. M

    Remap Manchester

    Can anyone recommend a good place for remaps in the Manchester area? I own a 2013 C250 coupe. Thanks
  12. GAD Tuning LTD

    June/July Summer sale!!!

    June/July sale has started ;) Already had a bunch of AMG's come in and take advantage of the saves!!! 25% off all software!!!
  13. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes ML420 CDI remapping

    Hey guys, Another update from some of the Mercedes we have been tuning! We are now in our new unit and soon to have the Dyno arrive and the place is a mess lol!!! But as we speak we have an Audi R8 V10, Lamborghini LP-560, 2 x Rolls Royce Phantoms and 2 x Bentley Flying spurs in for work so...
  14. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes S500 AMG Remapping

    Hey guys, We have loads to update on the forum so I thought we would start with an awesome MY2014 S500 AMG! This comes equipped with the 4.6 BiTurbo lump which from factory is very torque heavy indeed! Running the Bosch MED17.7.3 management very much like the 5.5 BiTurbo ECU's which...
  15. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C350 CDI estate Remapping

    Hello guys, 2010 C350 CDI estate came in for power tuning, running the EDC17 CP10 platform means excellent gains in the power and torque department! Bench flashing the ECU due to tuning protection so tuning time takes around 2 hours or so. Gaining 70bhp and 180nm of torque...
  16. GAD Tuning LTD

    GAD Tuning North ltd!!!

    We are pleased to announce our latest dealer! GAD Tuning North Ltd We have spent the last couple of months getting everything into place to open our North branch. Based in Newcastle Nass really is a top guy and a car enthusiast! He will be offering GAD Tuning software but will also be taking...
  17. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C63 AMG iPE video!!!

    One of my customs sent a little clip I thought I would share! The blue beast has become famous round London (not all good) lol and soon to be having secondary CATs removed s louder the better! Running our Stage 2 package and soon to be running Stage 1 Weistec supercharger system but he...
  18. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E350 CDI Remapping

    Hey guys, Let me first start by saying Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Lets hope 2015 will be good for all on the forum! Its looking like it will be very good for us indeed!! (Fingers crossed lol) Here is another E350 CDI which we have worked on earlier in the week, the customer had...
  19. GAD Tuning LTD

    A day at Avantgarde!!!

    Hey guys, We spent the day down with Steve from Avantgarde tuning a few bits and also helping with a couple of his motors! We had a couple of C220 CDI's which had power tuning, DPF removal and EGR delete on the vehicles transforming how they run! The other was a C200 CDI Estate which...
  20. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C63 AMG @ Projexuk

    Hey guys, Had the pleasure of popping over to the guys at Projex to supply them with tuning software for a couple of there projects they have started. This C63 AMG has been shipped over to them for a Blackseries conversion which im sure you guys will see over the coming weeks. In front you...
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