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    Another w203 with remote locking problem

    Hello, I am new owner of Mercedes Benz C 220 cdi Coupe (W203). I like the car but I have a problem with remote locking. If I place the remote key fob near (1-2 cm) the driver side door handle sensor It works. Radio FM signal is also very poor, almost no signal at all. Fuse 8 is OK. Tested...
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    2002 ML270 Key re-sync

    Hi again. Well today I replaced my key fob case with a shiny new one. I took the battery cover off, opened the case, took my board and chip out, placed everything into the new case and fastened it all back together. Pressed the unlock button and nothing. so searched how to re-sync the remote...
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    Remote only works an inch away

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please excuse me if I don't get this spot on. I recently bought a 2001 c200 coupe. Fantastic car! It's got a nice blackish purpleish colour too! However there is a problem with the remote or the sensor of something. It only locks when I point the remote...
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    Mercedes E320 Avant 2002 Poor Key Fob Reception

    Please can someone help:( I have a Merc E320 Avant with a problem the alarm fobs that open the doors are very poor even after changing batteries, I have to stand virtually next to sensor on drivers door and press a couple of times on the fob for it to activate!. This cannot be right as if I am...
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