1. r129co

    R129 SL repairs and maintenance

    Hi guys and girls We are now offering a repairs, maintenance, detailing and restoration book-in service, for the R129 SL, at our garage in the southeast, in Kent. More information on that at our website here. I would like to ask - what problems related to the R129 SL have you had, or had heard...
  2. r129co

    R129 SL Repair, Restoration and Fitting service

    Hi there, my SL parts company R129 Co are now offering interior repairs, electrical and engine diagnostics and repairs, and parts fitting, from here in our premises in Kent, 25 miles off the M25. We've been working with the R129 SL and W140 S Class for over a decade and are confident we can...
  3. C

    Paintshops around Beds/ Northants recommendations?

    Well, some ****ing scrote has decided to twirl a sharp object down the side of my 215. Deep too, through the lacquer and into the colour coat. From the middle of the passenger door to the middle of the rear wheel. Can anyone recommend me a paintshop around the Beds/ Northants area that does...
  4. G

    Mercedes Benz c200 w202 1996

    Good Afternoon fellow Mercedes Benz enthusiasts I just wanted some advice on a few things regarding the car I recently received from a family member. The car in question is a Mercedes c200 w202 1996 model which I have tried to register however mechanics are stuffing me around and keep...
  5. L


    Hi everyone, a couple of months ago some fool smashed off my drivers side mirror, the whole units pretty smashed up and i've been getting by with a caravan mirror that i taped into what was left of the body, duck taped to my car. Not very nice! I've been searching tirelessly on spare part...
  6. L

    Recommendations for place to service and support in South London

    Hello, I've a 1992 300SL which I've always had serviced and maintained by a great workshop in Whitefield just north of Manchester. But I live in Kennington in London and it's now needing more frequent help as it were and I can't keep driving it up to Whitefield. Can anyone recommend a good...
  7. M

    Pre-pay for part ?

    I have recently had a problem diagnosed with my E270. The loss of power is apparently due to a blocked exhaust. (not the air mass problem originally thought) It needs a section of exhaust and 2 new cats. A pricey repair. The independent MB specialist (which gets very good reviews) wants my...

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