1. S

    Body shop

    I’m new in here and hope you all can help me. My 6 month old GLC was keyed on Tuesday evening. 3 panels affected. MB has quoted me £3k to respray. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.
  2. F

    Full Respray Cost

    How much would a full respray cost for an S-Class (W221, 2006+) in general? I'm thinking of white, or possibly black. Are there different standards/qualities offered by the bodyshops, for instance, "showroom" quality? Would something like showroom quality be suitable for the road? Thanks!
  3. R


    Hello. Does anyone know how much it cost to re spray a merc e class? Has anyone used any other independent company for cheaper? I have a tree gum falling on the car bonnet and it has left scratches and small marks. thanks
  4. nicensleazy

    My 'New' W208 Courtesy Of Benzworx

    I’ve owned a 1998 230 CLK Elegance 5 speed manual for very nearly 2 years now and really from the first time I drove it I loved it. It originally had 88k on the clock, service history up to 76k but it had perhaps fallen on hard times slightly and was starting to show its age, courtesy of a...
  5. B

    Respray costs - engine bay vs rest of car?

    Hi there, I have a nice 1971 280SL I bought way back in the mid 1980's, which was originally dark green. I had her resprayed a light silver colour. Thing is, they didn't do the engine bay, and now I'd like to make her "correct". So my options are: 1. Respray the car back to the original...
  6. R

    HELP! Respray or repair??

    Hi and happy new year to you all first of all! I just need anyone's helpful advice if possible on a situation i've unfortunately found myself in. Yesterday I noticed a small dent and scratch in the paintwork right down to the underlying metal on the bonnet of my brand new C350 It seems...
  7. jberks

    Refurb's Finished.

    I've bored many of you with tales of my refurb deliberations. I've had the car since nearly new so I've watched the deterioration over the last 5 years / 120,000 miles and it got to the stage that something needed doing. So, its done and here are some pics To start with, this is what I started with.
  8. M

    Anyone know of a good bodyshop on Teesside??

    Hello all, Do any of you know of a good body shop in the Teesside area? My car has started to develop a few rust spots around the usual places and has an ever increasing number of stone chips across the front of the car. The paintwork overall is starting to look a little tatty so I have...
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